Titanian Octologues are a powerful new way to maximize your creativity and enhance your life by organizing and operating cooperative voluntary associations for any ethical purpose. A core Octologue groups starts with 8±1 members with men and women in equal numbers (±1), and contracts with other Octologues. Octologue core values include Creativity, Love, Awareness, Objective Truth, Personal Evolution, and their logical equivalents. Octologues are non-hierarchic and non-bureaucratic, encourage and use all available feedback, and are constrained to make only unanimous decisions. Octologues are ideally suited for business, government, or any organization seeking an ethical, "bottom up" structure.

Octologue Webinar, Saturday, April 19th, 2014, 1-3 p.m.

Please join us this Saturday for a Webinar training session on the Titanian Octologue. This will be the phase 1 training on the "Titanian Octologue" led by Robert Podolsky via video conferencing. Fairfield residents may attend in person at Overland Sheepskin, third floor.

Cost is $37, which includes the "Flourish" e-book.
(No charge for those who have already completed the initial training.)

Free Consensus Workshop, Sat., April 19th, 2014, 11-12:30

This workshop is open to Fairfield area residents who have already taken the Octologue training. Location: Overland Sheepskin, Highway 34 in Fairfield, Iowa. This will be led by Kevin Innes (donations welcome)

KRUU Interviews with Bob Podolsky, Foster Gamble, and Clyde Cleveland, recorded 1/23/14
listen now, archived shows (34 minutes for each interview)

Free Titanian Octologue Presentation

When: Tuesday, January 28th, 2014, 7:30 p.m.
  Thursday, January 30th, 2014, 7:30 p.m.
Where: Fairfield Arts and Convention Center
Cost: Free

Visionary, Physicist, and Psychotherapist

Bob Podolsky worked with John David Garcia to create highly ethical and creative organizations in groups of 8 known as the Octologue. More than 30 years ago Bob started asking himself what would be required for humanity to THRIVE and FLOURISH? Bob Podolsky is a physicist, systems analyst, master psychotherapist, visionary and author of seven books on ethics law and government. Bob brings a SOLUTION based strategy for self-governance AND self awareness. Titania – the Open Source Ethical Society

Foster GambleFOSTER GAMBLE (About Foster)
Producer of "THRIVE" Movie

Foster Gamble is the creator of the inspiring movie, "Thrive" and leader of the Thrive Movement – one of the most innovative strategies aimed at worldwide peace and prosperity.

After reading Bob Podolsky's book "Flourish!", Foster said: "Wow... Execellent job... I feel like I have found a true ally."

Note: Foster Gamble will participate via videoconference link.

Clyde ClevelandCLYDE CLEVELAND (About Clyde)
Environmental Entrepreneur and Author

"The Titanian Octologue offers a new 'bottom up' model for organizing people that is highly ethical and values feedback. It also eliminates hierarchy and bureacracy. Applied in business, this model results in much higher employee satisfaction and greater profits. Applied in government this model will result in highly ethical actions and will produce a more peaceful and environmentally friendly world."

Clyde Cleveland, author of Common Sense Revisited and Restoring the Heart of America, co-founder of the County Sheriff Project, and lifelong entrepreneur, educator and activist.

Download 8 1/2 x 11 .pdf Event Poster (2.8MB)

The Titanian Octologue Workshop

When: February 1 - 2, 2014
  Beginning Saturday, 9:00 a.m.
   Ending Sunday, 4:45 p.m.
Where: Overland Sheepskin (HWY 34 East of town - map)
Cost: $97 at presentation, $127 at door
Contact: flourishfairfield@gmail.com

Purpose: The purpose of this experiential workshop is to teach you (and others like you) a powerful new way to maximize your creativity and enhance your life by organizing and operating cooperative voluntary associations for any ethical purpose. Such associations are based on 20 years of scientific research and are:

  • Completely voluntary and Coercion-free,
  • Non-hierarchic – all members having an equal "say" in group decisions,
  • Non-bureaucratic – encouraging and utilizing all available feedback,
  • Constrained to make only unanimous decisions – thus avoiding the pitfalls of majority rule,
  • Highly unlikely to make unethical decisions – as almost all institutions are prone to do today,
  • Easily suited to the formation of businesses, schools, churches, service organizations, unions, charities, clubs,
    financial institutions, and other ethical pursuits,
  • Fun places to acquire trustworthy friends and work together harmoniously.

Structure: Titanian groups typically start with 8±1 members with men and women in equal numbers (±1). Such groups are called Octologues. As such a group needs more participants, a second Octologue is formed and a contract established with the first. A group of Octologues that work together in this way is called a HoloMat. There is no limit to the size of a HoloMat. – so very large projects become possible using this methodology.

Values: Octologue core values include Creativity, Love, Awareness, Objective Truth, Personal Growth, and their logical equivalents.

Content: The Titanian Octologue Workshop content includes:

  • In depth study of ethics and their applications,
  • Octologue dynamics practice sessions,
  • Octologue-based methods of amplifying and synchronizing the creativity of Octologue members,
  • Discussion of Octologue recruitment,
  • Contract considerations in the formation of HoloMats,
  • Opportunities for further study and leadership development.

Presenter: Bob Podolsky, the principal presenter, spent 10 years as a professional physicist / systems analyst in industry and government. He then got retrained and was a psychotherapist in private practice for 25 years. He then participated in John David Garcia's creativity enhancement research from1984 to 2001, and has written 7 books and numerous articles about ethics, creativity, and self-governance.

Click here to read Clyde Cleveland's Preface to Bob Podolsky's new book "Flourish!"


Buckminster Fuller: "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." 


Many people have asked me to provide more background on the models I discuss to validate the Titania concept of non-coercive, non-bureaucratic, small group based organizations.  I recently spoke at the Libertopia convention in San Diego where Foster Gamble (Thrive producer), Bob Podolsky (creator of the Titania project) and I gave a panel presentation promoting this concept. 

Here is a link to my preface to Podolsky's book, "Flourish" which describes the mechanics of creating the model which, I believe, Fuller envisioned when he made the statement above. 


The books I recommend are "Birth of the Chaordic Age" by Dee Hock and both "Maverick" and "Seven Day Weekend" by Ricardo Semler. Googling Hock and Visa brings up some good articles about Hock's philosophy. I found some good articles and interviews on Gore and Semco by googling, some of which I have included below.  

I think that the answer to how we transition from coercive structures to non-coercive models that Foster Gamble discusses in "Thrive" is fairly straightforward.  The more quickly we all start to operate according to the Principles laid out in "Flourish" by Bob Podolski, the quicker the transition will take place.  

The more we understand how successful these past (and present) corporate and governmental bottom up models were the more incentive we will have to create octologues and adopt the Titania bill of ethics in our lives.  The success we will achieve in all of our activities will attract others until we reach a tipping point.  When that happens the non-coercive structures will fall away as people simply stop participating in them. 




If you have not read "Flourish" yet by Bob Podolski I would recommend obtaining a copy right away. All of this other material will have more significance once you have a more complete understanding of the Titania project.   You can order the book here:



Information on octologue workshops, the panel at Libertopia with Foster Gamble, and my preface to Flourish can be found here:



Podolski's mentor was John David Garcia and his book "Creative Transformation"  is where you can read more about the fascinating background on Octologues, ethics,value of female/male balance, etc.  This is the source book for much of what the Titania project is about.  The book is on line:




"Semco is bucking not only the traditional business model, we’re resisting a code of behavior at the very core of Western culture. No wonder our ideals are hard for outsiders and other companies to embrace." Ricardo Semler

interview with Ricardo Semler, excellent:

Here is a good example of the co-op structure which has become increasingly popular.  It implements many of the these principles.

South Mountain Company from Martha's Vineyard; http://www.southmountain.com/



A Team-Based, Flat Lattice Organization

How we work at Gore sets us apart. Since Bill Gore founded the company in 1958, Gore has been a team-based, flat lattice organization that fosters personal initiative. There are no traditional organizational charts, no chains of command, nor predetermined channels of communication.

Instead, we communicate directly with each other and are accountable to fellow members of our multi-disciplined teams. We encourage hands-on innovation, involving those closest to a project in decision making. Teams organize around opportunities and leaders emerge. This unique kind of corporate structure has proven to be a significant contributor to associate satisfaction and retention.

We work hard at maximizing individual potential, maintaining an emphasis on product integrity, and cultivating an environment where creativity can flourish. A fundamental belief in our people and their abilities continues to be the key to our success.

How does all this happen? Associates (not employees) are hired for general work areas. With the guidance of their sponsors (not bosses) and a growing understanding of opportunities and team objectives, associates commit to projects that match their skills. All of this takes place in an environment that combines freedom with cooperation and autonomy with synergy.

Everyone can earn the credibility to define and drive projects. Sponsors help associates chart a course in the organization that will offer personal fulfillment while maximizing their contribution to the enterprise. Leaders may be appointed, but are defined by 'followership.' More often, leaders emerge naturally by demonstrating special knowledge, skill, or experience that advances a business objective.

Associates adhere to four basic guiding principles articulated by Bill Gore:

  • Fairness to each other and everyone with whom we come in contact
  • Freedom to encourage, help, and allow other associates to grow in knowledge, skill, and scope of responsibility
  • The ability to make one's own commitments and keep them
  • Consultation with other associates before undertaking actions that could impact the reputation of the company

To learn more about the Gore culture and working at Gore, visit the Careers section of Gore's website.

What makes Gore so great?
To encourage innovation at the maker of Gore-Tex fabrics, Elixir guitar strings, and Glide dental floss, there are no bosses, job titles, or organization charts, just sponsors, team members, and leaders.
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